Family Reunion

Family reunions are just not the same when an mlm recruiter is present.

The parable of the missing children

By Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D The administrators of a boarding school decided to start a petting zoo to give the children direct experience with nature. They gathered a few animals in a trial run with the first group of youngsters. Everything went fine, until several of the children showed scratches on their arms. Upon investigating, they discovered that the … Read More

Jon Taylor observes Nu Skin convention as ex-distributor

On my way to an appointment in the Salt Lake area, I decided to visit the Delta Center, where the Utah Jazz excite fans with their brand of basketball. I had learned that the Delta Center (and the Salt Palace and the Hilton) was rented by NuSkin for their international convention. I sauntered in, hoping not to be noticed by … Read More

How to start a pyramid scheme – make a fortune – and get away with it.

Given the current regulatory environment, it is interesting to see what a person motivated to create and profit from a pyramid scheme might do. One could very deliberately accomplish this and would likely get away with it in most states by following these steps: 1. Decide on a compensation system (binary, breakaway, matrix, etc.) that would operate in pyramid fashion … Read More